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Tatum Hoops - Recycled Sterling Silver

These Tatum Hoops are part of the Ancora Collection, designed by Amy Vander Els in the spring of 2022. Ancora, meaning again or still in Italian, was inspired by hand-sculpting scraps of sterling silver into organic, undulating charms; creating new from old, beautiful from broken, reborn from ruined. Its understated charm makes this piece easily adaptable so that it may be worn alone or with others.

Each piece is hand formed, forged, filed and subtly polished, bearing the marks and intricacies of handcrafting.

Please note that each recycled sterling shape is one of a kind, and will differ slightly from the photos.

1” diameter   
Price: $108.00
Tatum Hoops - Recycled Sterling Silver
Tatum Hoops - Recycled Sterling Silver