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American crafts, artisan jewelry, and local art

Ring, Sterling & Stone (sold separately)

SKU: CATI R 258 259 260
1) SOLD - Citrine and sterling silver ring. Approximately size 6.75
2) Citrine and sterling ring. Size. 6 
3) Garnet and sterling silver ring. Size 5.25

Inspired by the dynamic nature of life, Catie McCool is a Newburyport, Mass. native whose elaborate jewelry emphasizes texture and movement.  From re-purposing old fossils and stones, to exploring different oxidation techniques, no two pieces are alike. Catie’s impeccable attention to detail is demonstrated in her process. From designing pendants that showcase a stone on both sides, cutting elaborate patterns into a cuff using a small jeweler’s saw, or hand crafting necklace chains link by link, each piece is truly one of a kind. 
Price: $125.00
Ring, Sterling & Stone (sold separately)
Ring, Sterling & Stone (sold separately)