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Beautiful... Unique... Handmade
American crafts, artisan jewelry, and local art

Maggie Bokor

Maggie Bokor
"I am known for my organic elegant jewelry. I design from the heart, inspired by my beautiful coastal surroundings. I believe in the heirloom quality of my jewelry. Interested in the organic nature of working with silver in a "clay-like" state, all of my originals are designed with precious metal clay. This malleable metal allows me to focus on surface and detail with the hands of a sculptor. I make one-of-a-kind pieces and casts some designs in sterling silver embellished with the finest stones and pearls to create personal touches to each piece. A ceramics graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, I utilize my clay techniques and tools with my metalsmithing experience I have cultivated through the years. I share joint ownership of SoPo Art Studios, in South Portland, Maine and am featured in over 60 galleries across the US."

- Maggie Bokor

Photos courtesy of Maggie Bokor Jewelry.

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