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Glass Pumpkins

Glass Pumpkins
Peter Ridabock's creates and develops his one-of-a-kind glasswork and limited series at his glass studio in East Kingston. His signature look involves controlled and planned design work using his hand blown glass shards, cane and crystal "bits." He has spent years perfecting his recognizable style and his work continues to evolve. Much of his imagery is inspired by ocean currents, dimension, depth and sea life.

All of Peter's work have a luxurious, solid weight and depth to them and they feel just as beautiful to hold as to look at. Always in search of new visual and technical challenges, Peter focuses on accomplishing an organic integration of technical skill and artistry in every hand blown piece he creates. Wanting to keep the rich tradition of glass blowing alive, he teaches glass blowing at colleges, art centers and at the Ridabock Glass Studio.

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