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Beautiful... Unique... Handmade
American crafts, artisan jewelry, and local art

Bill Mitchell

"Growing up in Catskill, New York, artist William Mitchell has long had an affinity for the natural beauty of his surroundings. William’s brightly colored serigraph prints portray places of special beauty and meaning to him. Many of those special places can be found in New Hampshire, where he has lived for nearly 40 years. "The scenic beauty of New Hampshire amazes me,” he says. "How the rolling of a blue sky touches our rolling mountains to create a vibrant world. The intimate forest scenes, rushing streams and color everywhere are what inspire me.” His love of the outdoors is evident in every one of his hand-made serigraph (silkscreen) prints. An avid hiker and skier, William is intimately familiar with many of New Hampshire's most beautiful places and through his prints he is able to depict that beauty in a way that makes those places seem both familiar and brand new."
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