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Betsy Frost

Betsy Frost grew up in North Bennington, VT, the eldest daughter of 10 children. She always thought she would be a doctor, as her father had been taking her along on his surgical rounds from the time she was six. But after a discouraging glimpse of the pre-med rigors at Williams College, Betsy majored in psychology instead. After graduating from Williams at 1987, Betsy waited tables in St. Thomas, danced her way around the wold with "Up with People" and studied silversmithing in Sweden, and at Skidmore College. She later moved to Boston to be trained for a "real job" enrolling in a master's program in Counseling Psychology, but still continued taking classes in silversmithing. It didn't take her long to discover that she really wanted to design jewelry, so she quit the master's program and began studying at the Massachusetts College of Art.

Betsy graduated with a BA in Metals from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1996, then moved into a studio in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston and crafted her first collection. Business has been booming ever since. Betsy is inspired by such artists as Matisse and Degas, but also gets many of her ideas from her immediate surroundings - the shape of a flower or shell, or the "line" of a piece of furniture. She is mesmerized by patterns in tapestry, wallpaper and carpet and confesses that when is talking to someone, she is usually studying the wallpaper or designs int he carpet, trying to envision them as beautiful pieces of jewelry. Betsy currently resides in Ipswich, Mass. with her husband Jeff, sons Connor and Rowan, and dogs Scarlet and Mischa.
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